Thursday, July 21, 2011


This is the face of beet juice in the morning.  Well, it is Em's anyway.  She was not too impressed with the flavor profile of fresh beets and spinach.  Strange right?  Surprisingly Cora loved it and even asked for seconds.  I have been juicing for a few weeks and am still tinkering with recipes that the kids will enjoy that are not all fruit.  I have found a few things to be useful in this adventure.  First, a pinch of salt goes a long way.  It adds flavor, minerals and increases the sweetness of veggies that aren't overly sweet to begin with.  Second, throw around some spices.  My kids are very familiar with cinnamon and nutmeg so adding them to a juice that may not have gone over on its own, gets a little boost from something they are accustomed to.  Third, lemon can save just about any juice.  If it's too green(not something I will ever battle) or bland or even just too vegetable-y, lemon brightens the flavor and gives a great tart element.  I have even used lemon oil in a pinch.  cora has now made a list of her favorites.  For some reason all of them seem to be her third favorite.  She doesn't want to commit, I get it.  Here are her third Favorties:
 Carrot Apple Ginger Lemon
3 carrots
1 apple
1 slice ginger
1 half lemon pith and peel removed

Beet Spinach Lemon
3 large beets
half bunch spinach
half lemon pith and peel removed

pinch of salt

Berry Bonanza-more a smoothie
1 c blueberris
1c rasperries
1 peach

Very Green- big batch
1 bunch spinach
2 bunches kale
half bunch parsley
1 cucumber
A few beet tops
pinch of salt

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