Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Garlic Oil for the Ear

I had a brief period of knowing the hell that is Earaches.  When Core was about 5 and started school for the first time, she went through a 5 month bout of every thing.  She sneezed, coughed, snorted and snotted consistently for those 5 months.  Everyone said it would get better as her immunity built up but it only seemed to get worse.  In the end, her ears would end up taking the cake in the painful, never ending illness game.  I came to realize that a child with a cold and ear ache should never be given dairy.  It causes so much excess mucous that just seems to join the party and make things even drippier.  We swore of dairy until we found a raw source and even then tried to tone it down during cold season.  This Ear Oil was my knight in shining armor when the aching started and the night grew long with the moaning of a 5 year old.  You can buy some at your local Health food store. We have had success with Wally's Ear Oil in a pinch but it is cheaper and easier at 4 am to make your own.  There are two different ways to make this but I favor the raw method.  I want the plant to be as alive as possible and feel that it is tricky to make sure you don't cook the garlic in warmed oil.  So in the interest of "making ahead" I will show you how to make it the long way. Which is 5 hours to a few days, depending on your needs.  In truth, you can use it once the oil starts to smell garlicy.  Another thing I want to stress is to try and use organic garlic, healthier plants making better medicine. 

Garlic Ear Oil
10 cloves garlic smashed with skins on
enough oil to cover the cloves

Place the garlic and oil in a sterilized jar and cover, shaking every once in a while to mix it about.  After a few days the garlic has given up all its goodness and can be strained out.  If you need it sooner you can press the garlic and add the oil and allow it to sit until you need it.  Strain it through a coffee filter to ensure no bits get in the ear. Upon you next coherent moment, make more oil that can sit for longer so it is ready for you at 3 am.  Keep in a dark jar with dropper in the fridge(long term) or cool cupboard(short term).

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