Monday, August 1, 2011

Mermaid tails tutorial

1.The first step is to measure the waist, length and circumference of the feet.
2. Next fold fabric in half measuring the width plus 2 inches and the length plus 4 inches.
3. from the top of the fabric measure down to the length from waist to toes and add on inch.  Mark the spot in pencil.
4. Center half the circumference at the marked spot.  Cut out the triangle with the third point being at halfway up the side.  
5. Cut the fin in and shape you would like.It should look like this if my explanation is accurate.

 6.Fold the top down a half inch and sew a chamber for the elastic.  Thread the elastic and sew it to one end.
 7. Bunch the fabric to equal the waist measurement and begin to sew starting at the elastic.
 8.When finished sewing the outside, turn right side out and stuff the fin with anything soft, we choose some roving left over from the dolls.Sew a seam to enclose the stuffing. 

That's it! I hope this tutorial doesn't make you want to throw your computer through a window. 

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