Saturday, April 30, 2011

Arbor Day and tree hugging

Ten feet from the front door, on our way to go plant a tree, Cora walked into a giant metal post that holds up her school.  She was a bit nervous and was checking to make sure her family was right behind her and walked full stride into the pole.  I am not kidding when I say her head bounced off it.  It almost killed the whole experience until someone uttered magical words.  "If you visit the park make sure to bring a little water, this is your tree and you need to take care of it."  It was the equivalent of winning  the lottery.  Instantly I remembered the feeling.  My Dad and I planted a tree together when I was a teenager and I still love that tree.  I took pictures with it at my wedding.  I have introduced it to both of my girls as the tree me and Paga planted together.  I miss that tree today because of the way her experience touched my heart and showed how connected to my little girl I truly am. 
They gave her an award and her class cheered her on like only kids can, when the prize is a piece of paper.  She stood up and walked straight to the stage and never looked back.  She was so proud of herself and her tree that she didn't need to look back to make sure her family was behind her.  She stepped around the giant metal pole holding up her fear.  She was awesome!  So proud of you my Schmoopie Pie Mimo.

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