Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Seeds are in

Well, some of them are in.  So far one bed is done and holds the pole beans and squashes.  I went with the Kentucky wonder again since we were up to our ears in beans last yer.  The girls ate more beans in a summer than I think they have in their life! Emmeline and I had a bus waiting tradition that included a snack of beans and a sprinkling with the hose.  I still have some frozen in the fridge from when we were just plain sick of string beans.  They were neglected when vegetable soup season was here and will most likely find themselves in a giant pot of crock pot curry. 
The squashes are repeats as well after my squash succcess last year.  I ended up with 4 butternut and 5 spaghetti squash! The plants were from my dear friend Liz who shared her started seed success.  The plants were glorious!  They did well against all odds: squash vine borers, bunnies, and something that liked to eat my blossoms.  I lazily just tossed the seeds in the plot and hope all goes well.  Nothing to lose if things go terribly. 
This gardening experience is all new since the move, so I am unsure about sun times and amounts so we may be eating lettuce on lettuce salad for the entire summer.  My only concern is that at least one kale plant makes it so that I can recreate the over wintering that last years kale survived.  I gave them a new home in dear friend Liz's garden, and against all odds they are back again and already being enjoyed.  What a pleasant surprise after the snow had melted away.
The second bed is still being cleared so the lettuce and greens and will have to wait another week or three.  I need to find one more sunny spot to put the tomatoes.  I have been challenged to a tomato off by my sister and mom.  Time to prove that there is quality in organic gardening!

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