Sunday, April 17, 2011

A new kind of fun

Once upon a time there may have been bars or restaurants or even a concert on the agenda for a Saturday night.  On a crazy night, all three.  I don't particularly miss those days and can see them as the grass is greener syndrome that adults tend to suffer every once and again.  But that does not mean that my Saturday nights have dissolved into a sofa sharing, tv staring kind of night.  Time to try something new! Paper, scissors, glue and a whole lot of imagination that I had not seen from a few of the members of our little clan.  Even MattDaddy pulled it together!  I purposely combined some family favorites like reading and monsters to ensure adult interest.  This is Saturday night with kids and I loved every minute of it!  Behold the terrifying monster bookmarks that stole our Saturday night. 

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