Sunday, June 5, 2011

For the tummy

Stuffed Sweet Red Pepper with Corn Tomato Relish and Goat Cheese Sour Cream
This was beyond amazing and I will not be giving away the recipe.  You will have to come to me to experience this tasty treat.  I am not lying when I tell you that Matt was still "yumming"  on his last bite.  I will say that goat chesse makes the meal.  I was not a fan until I had the 'Adobo Goat Cheese Nachos' from my most favorite restaurant Blue Sage Grille.  It's known as the fancy restaurant(rentrant if you're Cora), so we only go when fancy is an option.  So not very often.  But I channeled up my inner sage and threw in the goat cheese and it was perfection.  It took a few hours with all the prep but I will make this for breakfast if it is ever requested.  The full extent of each element makes this recipe too difficult to even begin to make a tutorial but I will give the basics.
Tomato Corn Relish: Corn, tomato, lime juice, honey, chili flakes, green onions.
Goat Cheese Sour Cream: Goat cheese, milk,sour cream, adobo seasoning, chipotle spice
Stuffed Pepper: Jasmine rice, fire roasted sweet corn, onion, chipotle spice, red pepper
All served over grated kohlrabi and avocado.
I know one friend who will be tempted into a visit with this meal as bait.  See you soon Ali.

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