Thursday, May 19, 2011


Cora woke everyday and put on the same tattered, white, discount halloween leftover.  It was sinfully ugly.  One of those costumes that is so seasonally inappropriate, that you are certain the company that fashioned it bought stock in cold and flu medicine.  I am sure it was still there due to the fact that any mom who saw this thought to themselves: "I am not having that fight!".  The one about wearing a bulky sweatsuit under the costume or a coat over it.  Gasp!  Cover that beauty! NEVER! Also, it is not authentic 'Winter Ballerina Princess' to wear anything under it.  This is why it became a member of our ever growing dress-up collection.
I forgot to mention that it had a wand.  For one day.  The dress itself has lasted 4 years.  And now Emme has taken to it. Any dress-up is magical beyond belief to this little dirty fairy of mine.  I have decided to be the mom who allows their kid to go just about anywhere in dress-ups.  So long as it is reasonable.  Bulky sweat suits must be worn under and if it is raining I will have to carry you to avoid having to wash an unnecessary piece of clothing.  Last week our playdate friends witnessed two tutus at once and the neighborhood got to watch as the tiniest, yet puffiest, princess waited for her big sister to get home from school. Anyone who has ever seen a tiny child swirl around the living room in a pile of tulle understands.  There is nothing quite like a day spent in dress-ups.

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