Monday, May 16, 2011

Things that are unusual

This conversation happens at least every other week.  It is the conversation that happens when I have to be very creative with Cora's lunch.  Usually it happens on a Monday when we have been away for the weekend.  This weekend we visited some very special friends and had a fantastic time.  It lasted a bit longer than it should have which meant there was no bread made for her PB and honey sandwich that  gets tucked in her lunchbox each morning.  Being vegetarian tends to cut out most items on the school menu and I rather enjoy making her lunch and knowing exactly what goes in her tummy each day.  Sometimes I can be creative and overfill her lunchbox with nourishing foods that will fill the void of the missing sandwich.  Other times her lunchbox looks like a confused monkey packed it.  My hope is that any adult that may see inside, assumes that my well meaning husband packed that day.  Like the time he forgot to close her water bottle and it made soup of her lunch.  Anyway, Cora is not always thrilled with these pieced together meals.  It is a favorite moment of mine when I get to ask her at the end of the day how her lunch was.  Today was a special treat.

Me: How was your lunch?
Cora: That pear was hilarious!
Me: Why?  It was just a pear.
Cora: I showed it to Anna and she laughed so hard.
Me: But it was just a pear.
Me: Well that's because it grows on a tree, you knew that right?  And trees have leaves so sometimes there are leaves still on the stem. 
Cora: Well yes.... but it was unusual. 
Me: Unusual huh?
Cora: Yup, unusual.

I am still not sure if I should be alarmed.  I spend so much time teaching her where her foods come from, cooking everything possible form scratch, grow as much of our food as possible and she still was surprised to see a leaf on her pear.  My first thought was 'some vegetarian!'.  My second thought was 'She said unusual!'  I'm pretty sure she's doing okay in the smarts department. 

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