Wednesday, May 11, 2011


The Gardens are almost finished.  This is the hard part when I have to drag the hose all the way out there everyday and wait for what seems like years to eat that first salad.  I went heavy on the lettuce and greens this year because of the shade.  I have no idea how things will grow but I had to at least try. 
Right now we have:
Green leaf lettuce
Red leaf lettuce
Butterhead Lettuce
Acorn squash
Butternut squash
Cherry tomatoes
Yellow tomato
Heirloom 'Mortgage Lifter' Tomato
Kentucky wonder pole beans
And hopefully I can sneak some kale plants in somewhere. 

I have very high hopes for this little veggie garden.  It is very important to me to grow food for my family.  Knowing that I had control over what is was fed and where it was grown and all the things that make me crazy when I pick up a bag of greens at the market.  I know that it is the best I can give them.  Even if they look at it, scowl and remind me that they hate it and one time they threw up when they ate.  It is still worth it. 

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